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ecommerce strategy agency
We are an e-commerce strategy agency dressed up as a web design agency

TinLabs was created in 2017 by Rowan Minnion, a consumer product entrepreneur who founded the sports nutrition brand Blonyx.

Rowan started as most others do - by trying to build a website that could simply take orders. After years of struggling with multiple systems manual emails and CSV downloads to run his business Rowan knew things had to change if Blonyx was to grow. Taking a deep breath he began to study the platforms and integrations out there that could fit his business needs. After another year of trial and error Rowan and his ever growing team have learnt the art of automation using the Shopify platform.

Today Blonyx is a model of business automation strategy, managing sales across half of the globe from multiple warehouses and with two subsidiaries. The company’s marketing, sales and customer management is a well oiled machine that supports growth… and it all exists behind the image you see when you type in the Blonyx url.

TinLabs is a project that has come out of Rowan’s experience. A project to help other entrepreneurs turn their web sites into a robot that propels their businesses towards their vision quicker and more efficiently. Working with TinLabs is not a way of getting a website built, it’s a way to build your organization.

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