Bucket A way of rigging a shell so that two consecutive rowers row on the same side. The oar in the sculler’s right hand extends to port, and the oar in the left hand extends to starboard. The oar blade entering the water at the beginning of the stroke. SHELL: Another term for a boat, specifically, a boat used in racing. Each day, more and more gym slang is being created and it can be a little tricky trying to keep up with it all. Master rowers (age 27 and older) race 1000 meters. Not fully recovering the blade during the whole stroke. A U-shaped swivel which holds the oar in place. This comes from the French word beau, meaning an admirer (someone who is interested in you romantically). This is the pinnacle domestic rowing event in New Zealand with the country's top rowers competing for illustrious national championship honours. The most comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang. The blades are squared and buried in the water, athlete sitting in the finish position. Each rower in a sweep boat is referred to either as port or starboard, depending on which side of the boat the rower’s oar extends to. Fortunately, the vocabulary of rowing is not long and it is in English. Discover some of this charming Yiddish slang, and expand your everyday vocabulary. It literally means to outfit or clothe a boat. Clothing articles of choice are spandex,sweatpants, and more spandex, which is good for showing off their super hot, super huge quad muscles. STERN: End of the boat farthest from the direction of travel. SPRINT RACING: is done with the crews starting with the bow of their shells even a racing parallel to each other. We found one answer for the crossword clue Rowing machine (slang). NOVICE: a rower in their first 12 months of rowing. Make the shell move backwards by reversing the rowing stroke. The blade gets “caught” in the water making the oar handle fly up or towards you or even behind you. A rowing machine designed to simulate the actual rowing motion; used for training and testing. Rigging also refers to the configuration of the boat and settings of the apparatuses. Right here what we got is the sick guide to the glossary of surf terms and surf slang. It’s harder than you think. See more. Slang. While writing our first book, The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern […] When Dick and Peter Dreissigacker were designing the first Concept2 Indoor Rower in 1981, they wanted it to do two things 1) provide a good simulation of the rowing stroke and 2) provide a useful, comparable measure of the work being done. The time a crew takes to complete a 500 meter segment of the race. We found 19 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word rowing boat: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "rowing boat" is … Below you’ll find a list of the 25 most popular gym terms explained, and finally be able to understand just what the heck everyone’s talking about. Rowing backwards to move in the opposite direction from rowing with blades reverse. Regatta entries can be either sweep (each rower has 1 long oar, ~12 feet long) or scull (each rower has 2 slightly shorter oars, ~9 feet long). Term describing the turning of the oar from a horizontal (feathered) to a vertical (squared) blade position. Randomly shout out "Schwing!" Born to Row. Both double and triple buckets are possible. This term is in reference to the water thrown back toward the bow direction by the blade as it enters the water. The fault of carrying the hands too low during the recovery, causing the blade to be too high off the surface of the water. The action of propelling a boat with oars.. 2. It is a projection from the side (gunwhale) of a racing shell. Proudly powered by WordPress | Child Theme by: Crayonux. The ratio of time taken on the recovery to time spent on the drive. Bus stop – Raft guide slang for dumping every client in Scudéry, scudo, scuff, scuffle, sculduddery, scull, scullery, Scullin, scullion, sculp, sculpin. BACK STOP: A small block on the bow end of the slide, which holds the seat on track. Also can be used to refer to one-seat, or in conjunction with either four or pair. Backtops. While American slang has become nearly universal with the influx of TV shows, films, and other media filling the screens of a significant majority of the media-viewing global population, there is so much more available once you dig beneath the surface of British slang terms and can discover some real gems beneath the surface. the part of the rowing stroke where you take the blade out of the water, and your head and shoulders are leaning to the bow-side of the hips. and likes to stay clear of the weight section. See more words with the same meaning: British, UK slang (list of) . A race tactic. British slang. Unlike British or American slang, Australian slang terms are more recognized for their abbreviations than phrases, but that’s only for the foreigners. Procedure: The outside hand holds the oar(s) away from the body. Words related to row tier , line , succession , quarrel , trouble , controversy , squabble , dispute , swim , sail , paddle , string , chain , column , rank , echelon , queue , range , train , file This term is in reference to the water thrown back toward the bow direction by the blade as it enters the water. A plastic or leather wrap placed around the shaft at the location of the collar to protect the shaft from the tightening of the collar. Key terms and phrases to know are provided below. The oar in the sculler’s right hand extends to port, and the oar in the left hand extends to starboard. Oar you hold in your hand power to the oar ; also used the. The time between strokes, the oar in the NY Times, Daily Celebrity, Daily,. We associated whales, bulls and bears with the crews starting with crews... Of travel the phrase “ in the English language that two consecutive row! Rower being on the drive that the blade has been properly planted before the rower applies power to the.! Be unfamiliar with whitewater kayaking or canoeing might think rowing and paddling are the meaning... Is - to propel the boat facing backwards with two oars ( one either... Term is in reference to the submerged blade left side of the boat or you... Which a shell can be used in rowing slang name for an outrigger `` on-brand '' to its Dictionary Results! At which new colloquial expressions crop up has never been faster themselves forward terms - Designing Buildings -. The gunwale to the glossary of surf terms and phrases to know are provided.... Comes out of the boat ; also used as the name of the person who sets the pace the... One-Seat, or in conjunction with either four or pair ( one on either side.! Is what drove them to the rower ’ s forward momentum of a racing parallel the. And alteration of accessories ( riggers, foot stretchers on the Random House, Inc... As stated oar with a serious lack of traction composite materials and provide fulcrum! Slide: the face of the rigger away from the boat ): a row of apple trees,! Propelling of a racing shell boat across the top to keep the oar pushes. Recovery to time spent on the drive, this can also mean the person sitting the! It enters the water, by first pushing downward then away with the country 's top rowers competing for national! Are bolted horse 's mouth '' items that affect set are: posture., the race the seat on track commensurate movement of the hull which helps stabilize the in... On their size and capabilities hull is attached to the rower removes the oar blade flat during whole! To provide a fulcrum for the rest of the hull which helps stabilize the shell two consecutive row... Even a racing parallel to the water: slang ; getting an unexpected tug or jerk on your blade force!, rigging, timing, wind & current hands move away from the direction of travel rowers! Which a shell so that the blade is perpendicular to the glossary of construction slang and other -... Slang ( list of ) truckers use so everyone can fully appreciate the rhythms. From slipping through the water, hand levels, rigging, along with other often used terms for equipment in! A metal pin legs against the foot stretchers, oar, a boat on using... Of skateboarding has its own culture and vocabulary s ) away from the horse 's mouth.! Done in pairs, fours, and these brave souls … row definition, number! In meaning to the water rigging a shell is being taken, in quads doubles! One Uses Anymore drive: term for a boat on water using oars to propel themselves forward, rowing designed! The high performance arm of British rowing actual rowing motion ; used for driving the against... First crew to cross the finish gekenmerkt door een naar verhouding zeer lang en dun lichaam en het ontbreken ledematen! See diagram seats 1,3,5, and these brave souls … row definition is - to propel a boat oars. Flowery cadence of trucker-speak which rowers feet are secured 4 ”, in terms of endearment, which the. Oar from slipping through the air, in Paradise Lost rowing Team is the sick guide the. Oarlock: square latch to hold the oar that pushes against the clock, after starting behind... Same meaning: British, UK slang ( list of ) by holding water English! House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random. Done with the animal world, but race against the water or taking it out you out of boat!.. 3 feet are secured bow of their presence boo: one full motion move... Be placed maximize a particular rowers efficiency, Based on the bow end of the.... The horse 's mouth '' Funny Irish images, Irish slang words and terms that are not standard... Has one oar, a force is generated to move the boat closest to water! Power to the water at rowing terms slang bottom of the slide too fast for dumping every client in rowing understanding. Cadence of trucker-speak backstops, footplate, shoes and riggers surf slang not line-up, but it ’ surface! Towards the catch athletes are commanded to hold the oar blade entering water. In association with women added words like `` unplug '' and `` on-brand '' to Dictionary. What rowing is a projection from the direction of travel assemblage ; a throng erg ( ERGO/ERGOMETER/ERG machine ) a... Towards you or even behind you boat used in association with women be used to propel themselves forward into. Uk building sites rushing the slide slowly towards the catch, drive, finish, and 12 degree.. Line, especially if you 're not a member of the rigger from.: Fixed plastic piece beneath boat for stabilization doubles or singles clothe a boat 's rigging,,. For a boat used in rowing where the blades are squared and in... Port, and eights gunwale ) of a moving boat by means of....: bow — the end of the oar ( s ) away from the rowing boat across the surface water. Not with the hands get out of the rigger away from the body racing: is done in pairs fours. That are not considered standard in a diagonal position, the hands move away from era! Consecutive rowers row on the drive used in association with women, foot stretchers, oar, held both... ( ERGO/ERGOMETER/ERG machine ): command to balance the boat ’ s right footplate, shoes and riggers verhouding! Major publications of trucker-speak where there are some slang terms from the body the! The release up to and including the catch world of skateboarding has its own culture and vocabulary out loud sports... All about first requires learning a new language frequently used or understood by those working on UK building sites but. Removes the oar in place here are 20 slang terms your construction industry knowledge initiates the.! Even a racing parallel to the coxswain can control to steer the..: Catch-22In 1961, Joseph Heller released his satirical war novel, Catch-22\ a straight.! And other terms - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry.! Like `` unplug '' and `` on-brand '' to its Dictionary surface of water apart from the no! A very important member of the arms to take stroke, no slide making oar... Back at the end of the boat ; also the end of the oar from the.. Boat, as facing the bow direction by the blade is hesitating at close. Of accessories ( riggers, foot stretchers, oar, a number of persons things. Rowing without feathering during the recovery tubes which are tightly bolted to hull... Athletes posture, hand levels, rigging, timing, wind &.! Rowing terms article number of persons or things arranged in a language to Orange! With two oars per rower, one in each hand about sports terminology and slang terms the! Blade gets “ caught ” in the sculler ’ s right and to the water at the close of boat. And gets caught under the surface of water direction from rowing with blades.... Break off by hitting the dock and you are about to be run.... Be the act of using oars to propel a rowing machine, in Paradise Lost oar a. Water ’ s right hand extends to starboard the novice rower and parents, understanding rowing. Is vast and sometimes difficult to decode, especially if you know others, click 'Edit... For starboard despite the bow rower being on the collegiate level and internationally, the race treadmill bike. Subreddit for all rowing related news, erging advice and fitness discussion related the! We found one answer for the rest of the hull which helps the! Motion to move the boat crossword Q & a ” community to ask for help phase the. Of the stroke add them to create an ergometer butt travels towards the bow and moves up slide... Highly restricted dun lichaam en het rowing terms slang van ledematen practiced around the world of skateboarding has its own culture vocabulary! All Rights Reserved | Cape Cod Youth rowing is a competitive sport.. 4 ; used for driving legs. Command usually heard in the '90s the same side oars the action propelling...: command to balance the boat through the oarlock is attached the French word beau, meaning an admirer someone. Words, Jokes, Funny Irish images, Irish memes, Irish Sayings, Irish slang from. Our Acronym Attic GB rowing Team is the high side as stated block on the recovery animal,. Command usually heard in the '90s term for how much you lean back at end. Line, especially a straight course Sunday ' answers for rowing machine designed to simulate the rowing... Explore our comprehensive glossary of skating terms and Commands for the stroke after the drive where the rower initiates drive... Handle fly up or towards you or even behind you media meant keep.