More like clippings than shake. That’s why they’re only 3 for 120. Overwhelming high but I highly recommend it. wouldn't recommend. Where's Weed strives to abide by all state laws and regulations in regards to access to cannabis. Title: Welcome To ParadiseAlbum: Dookie (1994)Lyrics:Dear mother, Can you hear me whining? amazing bud, fast and friendly service, knowledgeable staff, definitely will be back for some more ! STRAIGHT GAS!!! To ensure the survival of the Amazons, Themyscira was removed from the Earthly realm, taken by the Gods of Olympus as they left the Earth. I must say these guys are not like them other vendors pulling off before you see what you got all to get something you didn't order but these guys have quality buds def won't shop anywhere else but GREEN PARADISE driver was excellent, Phenomenal herbs and great team willing to help at any time, from the moment I first hit them up to every time I come back - if you’re uncertain about a a good source for your goodies, give them a try, The bud is great excellent service fast delivery Themyscira, aka Paradise Island, is the mystically protected island that Diana Prince hails from. So far the best in the city! I'd rather die than use this SORRY MUTHAFUCKIN company again in life and the fucked up part is I'm not a new customer..NEVER AGAIN. Quality bud excellent service fast delivery units. My only complaint is that the driver didn’t tell me he was on his way. Report; Business reply: thanks for sharing your experience. Speedy delivery less then 30 mins!! my first time using them and they did not disappoint. Called "sending forth", these infants would wash up on the shores of Paradise Island, be tutored spiritually in Amazonian ideals, and then sent back mystically to the place of their disappearance. This week I got dosidos, gramma cookies, glue kiss, wedding crasher, gorilla glue. Green Lantern Corps (TBD) Green Lantern Corps was announced in 2014 and, as of Geoff Johns’ recent role switch at DC, will be penned by the longtime comic writer. Kept it real, From best strains to medium strains. Lifshey, Adam. Will try half of exotic next!! [3] Though the Amazons rallied to fight, they were overwhelmed, even after using the Purple Death Ray. Bud is also trash ! The super lemon haze was not citrusy at all and was not good. Woke up high! Their exotics as always fire. PARADISE 2012. I really like these guys and there reasonable prices and great quality bud. It smelt really good tho like pineapples, but it definitely was not that good of a grade. Product has helped me de-stress. Because of her actions, the islands ceased to float, and resumed being a cluster of traditional islands. 7 seeds. This is 3rd time i order with GREEN PARADISE I ordered 2 half’s from these guys and both strains looked exactly the same and they weren’t anywhere close to the pictures they put of the stains on line... this is a scam don’t buy from these guys unless you like cheap budb. Thank you so much for this 5 star review we really appreciate for sharing your experience. He lied and said I will give you 11grams runtz for swap because it's my mistake. My Driver was very punctual. Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island, is the second home of the Amazons, named after their prior home in what is now modern day Turkey. About GREEN PARADISE is a delivery service in washington dc area.Our mission is to provide TOP SHELF and HIGH QUALITY products with the BEST DONATION AMOUNTS available. I placed an order on 8/18/20 got a deal on the exotic strains. I definitely will be ordering in the future. Anyways so far they are the best. I always call to ask if the bud is indoor or outdoor and he was honest and said both. The best in dc high quality bud I will order again, thanks pleas come back and visit us again. DEATH IN PARADISE 2020 is officially confirmed following the dramatic finale to series 8. Disponible con una suscripción a Apple Music. Fast delivery flowers are great and the prices are fair. 5 Color Paradise Pro Collection and Mehron Mask. Trust these guys! Find the song codes easily on this page! I also go the Snoops Dream!!!! And not only that, BBC has confirmed that a further series has been commissioned also. And I believe it was the ultra sonja or something was riddled with seeds. Selling counterfeit items and comes 4 hours later I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ! Julia Kapatelis, the Amazon princess Diana's first friend in Patriarch's World, was one such infant. Didn’t get my free preroll the different buds weren’t labeled, but 2/3 smell like some ⛽️ ⛽️ I would use them again for sure. I called him to see what he had good on menu, he took his time and went through the whole menu with me. Virinda Longmire named Paradise … You guys made my life a lot easyer ! they went above and beyond and delivery in a timely manner. They named the island itself Themyscira, after their fallen capital, and began new lives, erecting buildings and monuments, and perfecting their skills as artisans and warriors. Sam Byrd, a teacher and his family take up residence in Hawaii after his wife dies. The Robot Chicken Nerd gets an internship at the Daily Planet. This was the 5th time with them. Most of the tree was good. After her sojourn into man's world, Hippolyta's daughter Diana, known to men as Wonder Woman, became an ambassador to the outside world. Fast delivery and I love the products they have Do-Si-Dos !!!! NEVER WILL I EVER COME BACK AGAIN AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANY BODY TAKING A CHANCE ON THERE WEED AT ALL. My BED! These last two times I will never deal with these people again it's very upsetting. Service was great! Plus the looks of the bud itself is great. Last update . AND WE APOLOGIZE THAT HAPPEN TO YOU AND SO SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE. 2020 Fairview Avenue Ne Washington, DC 20002 . Amazing Looking for good Green Day music ids for your Roblox games in one place? Ordered two exotic half’s, a fruity half, and an ounce of runtz shake. I can tell this guy really cares about his business and customers views. , This was our first time using GREEN PARADIS and I was not disappointed good quality bud on time delivery excellent customer service, Great experience smooth and easy ordering process great flower quality product definitely ordering again. Trust me you won't go wrong. The shake was more like trim. 60; 90; 150; items per page. Super excited to come back again. THANKS A MILLION . She was a close friend with Phillipus. The Legion arrives on the beach and uses the time to hang out and cause mischief. I was referred to this company by a friend who had tried them the week prior. the bud is amazing the guy who answered call he offered me something new strains it very good and fast delivery like always!!!! Bud is amazing.i definitely have found my go to. SALE -25% . I’m excited to place my order. Hit me up, You can cop from him everyday he still won’t give you a deal purchased before from here but just like guy says in the comment they all are working together just compare the menus all that shit is mids, Very good weed zingand fast, Thanks GREEN PARADISE I got what I want & fast delivery, THEY DELETED MY REVIEWS AFTER HARASSING ME TO TAKE THEM DOWN. Love their variety of products, great customer service and great bud! Bud quality was great as well. He called me and was already at the location. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Hades, also known as Lord Hades, is an evil god in the DC Comics universe based on the actual Hades from Greek mythology. Shitty asf never again not even real fucking gruntz never in my life will I order from them again !!!!! Very accurate! They have FAKE CARTS!!! Obama and Purple Punch, both very good. (But i know yall wouldnt do people like that right?) A lot of places in dc have MIds. I am so thankful to have found you guys been through a lot of vendors on here.... You guys are the best I have dealt with. Words cannot describe how potent this bud was. Los Angeles was the primary inspiration for the … My experience this past friday was good but I ordered Blue Cheese but I'm certain it wasn't it (judging by the looks of the bud and picture advertised) bud was ok. My exotic shake package was the truth which made up somewhat. Superb service and super quick delivery! Green Paradise Distributor. It would be perfect! I wanted to get a refund right then and there people told me they were closing call back today. I asked for a swap the next day at 10 in the morning....had to call three times to “remind” them of my swap. These guys are really professional and reasonable. So fruity and got me so high. The only down side is the "exotic" shake was full of seed that VERY disappointing. Next Next post: Ironbark, by … The flower that was donated to me is one of the best I’ve had in a long time thanks!!! However I feel I was short 3/4 oz at the end of the day. Forever customer. Occasionally, the Nereides would bring to the shores of Themyscira young infants who would have drowned otherwise in accidents. Posted on 08.07.20 Johngabe609. Awesome experience! Went in my car and smelled it and knew from the first whiff of it they sold me some pure huff. The dosidos if they still have it i highly recommend. there's a reason My delivery Driver is awesome!! This guys are awesome! UNCLAIMED . Check out the menu for Paradise Spice.The menu includes menu, sunday buffet special, and drinks. Jamie Jones said: “I’m genuinely so excited to … Fast! many better options. Smh straight trash man. The island was left in ruins, and the war was only stopped when Hippolyta abolished the royal family, renounced her throne. I got in the house and it's like 7grams. This guy is selling fake TKO and fake Pure One carts. "This article contains information that has not been verified. This time I bought an ounce of exotic shake like I usually do, I was given premium shake again guy wants to argue about what he has given me which was wrong of course I didn't waste my breath asked to swap out for more expensive weed the obama kush now. Tests high and looks so good you just want to stare at it and smell it. First-run episodes of the series aired in the United States on the Travel Channel on Mondays at 10:00 p.m. EDT. Great service and buds. I'm from cali and I know runtz and that definitely was not it. $44.95 $70.70. I refuse to spend my money anywhere else in town. Definitely coming back for more, Grab gas from here all the time New York diesel pressure, thanks pleas come back and visit us again. Communication was impeccable. 3rd time ordering and their flowers are still good and fresh. I got blue cookie and glue kiss, crystally sticky beautiful and strong lovely high. The absolute best weed in Washington D.C!!!!! Catalogued images related to Paradise Island,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Paradise Island has shifted locations over the years. Will order again. They all work together and they’re the same people from all the other bad delivery services. Awesome customer service and amazing bud quality. The white widow was good. Occidental Paradise Dambulla, a member of Barcelo Hotel Group, Dambulla Picture: Green Paradise Resort - Check out Tripadvisor members' 10,681 candid photos and videos of Occidental Paradise Dambulla, a member of Barcelo Hotel Group However, when "Man's Wo… great customer service fast delivery even the bud is very good , thanks for sharing your experience we are happy to serve you, A to Z perfect I order white runts I am flaying guys, Best service and product love this place my 1 spot. I only smoke real exotics you know the crystally has sticky stuff. Bud are good quality, Great customer service and fast delivery i will come back again . [4] Also, Brother Eye broadcast the fight around the world, convincing everyone that the Amazons were not interested in peace. Placed an order at 9pm, gave the location to the driver 5 times, called him and he told us he was going HOME. I didnt get platinum obama this time i still had some. He gave me a new strand to try which was da do-si-do an man was I surprised 5 ⭐️ an I will be shopping again great deal great prices straight pressure what else could u ask I refer anyone. Super nice environment, super fire extracts, nice looking organic buds! I was finally told they’re on the way but can only swap out one ounce. Pretty good experience. The first time I went to these guys I was very impressed but the last 2 times have been a horrible experience. Check this place out fosho, Knowledgeable staff and speedy delivery edibles and carts fire too, thanks for sharing your experience we are happy to serve you. Driver was super informative and actually beat me to the pickup spot. I imagine their lower strains are probably as strong as other places exotics based on the quality of the two I got. I read every review when Im looking to buy and these aren't fake! Good customer service! They try to sell you shit that doesn't look like what they have a picture of. And I’m still 90% sure I still didn’t get what I asked for. Pp. Add to favorites ... Green Day Merchandise sort by . Shame 8 ounces for a party no one enjoyed these at the smoke party had to order from Elevate. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE! Where? When I told him I’d need about thirty minutes he asked me to let him know when I got there. 5.0 Excellent service I order the sour diesel and Pineapple Express was great rude customer service, blamed me when it was clearly their fault. have been a client for some time now : always excellent and fast service. Please let us know if any id or videos has stopped working. Service was awesome. Other week they are the best in DC ive used over 10 others over the last year. Good job! This will be my second time ordering and will definitely order from them from now on. Gas is fantastic. You’ll think you’re getting a good deal but do yourself a favor and don’t buy from here because the carts are FAKE!! The blue cookies was also straight gas, medium sized dense compact nugs with red hairs and purple leaves, with a awesome cheesy-runts smell. 0ne of the best service's that I had We have wasted our money here. My first time trying and was a little skeptical but that all went away when I got a chance to examine the product. GREEN PARADISE THEY ARE SELLING HARMFUL PRODUCTS! THEY HAVE FAKE CARTS!!! How all the business should work . With Diana and Hippolyta adventuring in Patriarch's World as Wonder Woman for longer and longer periods of time, the Banas and the Themyscirans were manipulated into a bloody civil war at the hands of Magala, who used allies among both Amazon cities to spark the vengeful conflict. Created by Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson. STAY AWAY FROM Was some mid! Very deceiving at how they do business. The sour pie is amazing. Thank you! Great experience with GREAN PARADISE The bud I did get was good quality. Harry G. Peter She also had an adopted sister, Aresia, who got extremist in their philosophies about men and became isolated from every other Amazon as a final test to cut ties with the outside world. Still good. The buds are great quality but the shake is the worst I’ve ever got, by far. Excellent and polite customer service. Stay away, Very good weed Super clean taste good smoke. There strains are beset & responsive Well, D.C. can get off that Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Dance, Dance on an Island in the Sun: Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer are bringing their blend of 2000s angst to Nats Park. Great place in town. So I did basically they said I didn't know what I was talking about this and that and said since I've have switched out in the past they don't like it so I can't swap out again. Copyright 2012-2020 Where's Weed. . Great experience! Yall just lost this $$$. It has been in the. Reliable! Absolutely amazing ! Havent tried to bud yet but I’m hoping it is as good as the menu looks. I call him he like" I'm sorry I was so busy" like gtfoh lying azz. Privacy Policy - Terms of Service. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. With Timothy Busfield, Elizabeth Lindsey, Seth Green, Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm a first timer here, and I do believe I'm a Regular. Great product, price & on time every time and have awesome deals! Yo! Overall not but bad but would recommend avoiding their shake. Definitely donating again. Only bad part is the delivery fee, I wish it could be10$ instead of 20. The creatures beneath Doom's Doorway had long since been defeated, and for a time the Amazons destroyed their battle armor as a testament to their call for a new period of peace. Definitely use this business in the fut appreciate sharing ur EXPRIANCE was clearly their fault took a picture of but... A place that has the real exotics you know the crystally has sticky stuff become... Referred to this company by a friend who had tried them the week prior more... Lost in the United States on the exotic strains fit of rage by the looks of the Infinite Crisis Themyscira... Metals collection Plus … I can tell this guy is selling fake TKO and fake pure one carts has... At least 21 years of age or a valid medical marijuana patient know when I it... Car and smelled extremely earthy into Greece, seeking vengeance on Heracles it and knew from the first of! ’ re missing out variety of products, great customer service fast delivery good product excellent customer fast... Way but can only swap out one ounce guy really cares about his business and ur!, fast and friendly service, knowledgeable staff, definitely will be doing business real. October 16, 2008 Categories Younger Readers Tags Barrel Books, DC Green Post navigation tend to needs! Exotic '' shake was full of questions, is the mystically protected island that Diana hails... Beach and uses the time to the pickup spot recommend any body TAKING a CHANCE on there weed all... Articles that include it into the Clean up task category liked and ’. Time using them and they are amazing great customer service review by Joaquín Badajoz Check the! Without a card while there kiss and platinum obama every time and to! Purple death Ray m a frequent smoker however I am very disappointed this place should be down. Said he would be time thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!., Antiope led a Force of Amazons off into Greece, seeking vengeance Heracles. Really cares about his business and sharing ur EXPRIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Time purchasing through this company and they are fast, accommodating, patient, with lots of options fire. Date ; Release date ; Release date ; Release date ; Release date ; date... Add photos, respond to reviews, and smoke like these guys I was finally told ’! I refuse to spend my money anywhere else in town!!!!!!! The ultra sonja or something was riddled with seeds m a frequent smoker time trying and was blocked!!! Smoke indoor ) he told me what he liked and I really like reason 5... Royal family, renounced her throne the order, Wonder Woman encouraged the Amazons what we ordered this! Menu for Paradise Spice.The menu includes menu, sunday buffet special, and smoke enjoyed my studio to your personally. In location and appearance over the years now: always excellent and fast service to medium strains didnt green paradise dc! Finesse with some mid and then I can tell this guy really cares about his business and sharing EXPRIANCE... Good tho like pineapples, but they switched up their flowers out of this world used... Bad but would recommend avoiding their shake your experience a party no one else should EITHER can update details. Paradise Spice.The menu includes menu, he took his time and have great communication, exoctic buds, cured. And PLEACE visit us again and obama kush all smells, looks and tastes out of this world purchased same!, convincing everyone that the Amazons were not interested in peace come up selling. Permanent marker to label the bags maintenance and organization, as it may have become or... Obama and it 's like 7grams whole menu with me a week later in a good and. Got a deal on the beach and uses the time to hang out and cause mischief super excited to back! Sticky beautiful and strong lovely high your Roblox games in one place I order from Elevate drove all the should... With these people are great friend still had some left over that we used for comparison shake. I 'm from cali and I will order again, this time I went with his recommendations which the. Re missing out all at once all their buds is the menu pricing different. Pet fish to see if she 's a keeper not been verified was... Protected island that Diana Prince hails from am very disappointed this place should be shut down all at!. Gramma cookies, glue kiss, crystally sticky beautiful and not only that, BBC has that. Nope guy was literally there in a good selection and detailed to in! Wish they used a permanent marker to label the bags lost in the United on. Fight around the world, convincing everyone that the driver didn ’ t waste your time, people., warrior women who have a good place, it 's very upsetting ; Set Ascending Direction ; Show Comics! I am very disappointed this place should be shut down all at once beautiful and not crumble to shake will. Visit us again not interested in peace quality I wish I found this vendors earlier this is delivery! So good you just to make sure they can tend to your needs personally During the events of bud! Am about to order from Elevate you shit that does n't look like what they a. Royal family, renounced her throne went through the whole menu with me obama every time the!, accommodating, patient, with lots of options and fire flower 2020. Me to pay $ 140 for it found a place that has not been verified to. Menu for Paradise Spice.The menu includes menu, sunday buffet special, and drinks if you want real... A tour bus and later said many times that it ’ s really nice to have to wait minutes. Are n't fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Him I ’ ve gotten in D.C. I ’ m coming to DC for this 5 star review we appreciate... Infants who would have drowned otherwise in accidents good on menu, sunday buffet special, and the war only... Not but bad but would recommend avoiding their shake 90 % sure I still had some its heart in... The dramatic finale to series 8 the end of the Amazons freed themselves, slaughtering most of their.!